How to join Meltham A.C.

Club Photo at the Annual Winter Handicap

We are a small friendly club with around 50 active members (plus some inactive ones as well).

Club membership is just £15 per year starting on 1st April.

To join – simply complete one of the membership forms that are available here, on the Meltham AC noticeboard at the Community Centre or contact any of the committee members and they will give you a form.

If you are joining from another club then you need to also complete this form and resign from your previous club.

The form is then forwarded by the Committee to England Athletics and you will receive your UK Athletics membership card.  This card will have your unique number on it and by quoting it on entry forms, you will be entitled to a reduced cost as a ‘club’ member.  Also some running stores will give you an extra discount if you have a UK Athletics card.

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