Club Point to Point Race 05/03/2013

Meltham Athletic Club held its Point to Point race on Tuesday. There where five pairs of runners who had to run between five out of six points around Meltham marked by post boxes. A map of the points can be found here.

Due to snow fall during the day and then rain conditions were not the best with slushy paths and ice cold puddles and streams on footpaths. The competition was handicapped to the usual club handicaps and won by Steve Perren and Gary Spivey, full results below:-

Position Name Handicap Time Actual Time
1 Steve Perren / Gary Spivey 26:20 36:20
2 Andy Whitworth / Andy Lang 26:25 31:25
3 Paul Elliott / John Gray 28:25 38:25
4 Nigel Thomas / Giles Bailey 28:42 33:42
5 Barry Tyas / Nick Thompson 30:10 40:10